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Certificate Request Form

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This application can be used to order Certificates of good standing, legal existence, non-existence, letters of status and certificates of fact. Completed certificates are not emailed. All certificates will be mailed or made available for pickup. To order a certified copy of a filed document, please see the Procedure to obtain certified copies.

Certificate orders placed online cannot be matched with certify copy requests. If you will be placing an order for certified copies, we ask that you place your order together.

Request Information (Entity Name is only required for a Certificate of Non-Existence)

Click here to display prices and to display which certificates are valid for each type of entity.

Special Filing Instructions
Please indicate special filing instructions, if any, that apply to this form. (i.e. to be picked-up or special mailing instructions) If no instructions are provided, the certificate(s) will be mailed to the contact address provided below.

Filer's Contact Information
(Enter a contact name, mailing address and email.)
Contact Name:
Business Name:
No. and Street:
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Contact Email:

Please provide an email address to receive an expedited response from us if the filing is rejected for any reason. If no email address is provided, we will respond by mail.

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